We Focus On Providing Residential Permit Drawings And Formulating Renovation Strategies For

Real Estate Investors

Our team of architectural designers work along  with investors on the renovation life cycle

Our renovation management service was developed and tested by investors for investors


We believe that pioneering an exceptional experience represents a well managed project

Our BCIN license and lability coverage elevates our service guarantee beyond an experience






We have observed that most investment property returns can be accumulated at these five stage which we categorize as follows:

  1. Financing (rates)

  2. Purchase agreement (terms)

  3. Renovation (cost)

  4. Tenant (rents)

  5. Disposition (Equity)


Property Pathways supports real estate investors by supplying architectural designs for the renovation of their properties to optimize the returns during the renovation stage.


A relaxed approach to strategically selecting a licensed designer that can represent the best interest of the investor by concentrating efforts towards design management, contract management and building inspection  bear significant unaccounted opportunity cost.


Property Pathways would like to forge a relationships with you the real estate investor that will bolstered your returns with our proven design and construction management system.

Who We Are

Property Pathways is an investor focus architectural design service provider that specializes in secondary suite conversions throughout Ontario. We'll assist in developing a strategic design and renovation plan that will get the most out of your investment property.

Who We Serve

For decades, real estate investors had to rely on high priced yet incomplete service. Our services are designed to completely bridge the gap of uncertainty during design and construction for the real estate investment community.

What We Do

As licensed and insured architectural designers and qualified construction project managers in Ontario, we help real estate investors get building permits for the renovation of their secondary suites and provide ongoing support throughout the renovation process to ensure that all building inspections are completed without surprises

Why It Matters

Real estate investors contribute to the supply of low income housing in the communities they choose to invest.



"All of my professional career, I've been involved in real estate and I look forward to sharing those years with you." 
"Customer satisfaction is not a cliché! It is the act of pioneering an exceptional experience for you."


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JEANNIE : in office

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