At Property Pathways we believe that pioneering an exceptional experience represents a well managed project, so we have developed the Construction Pathway below to ensure that we are always on the same path.


Define the scope of work based on designs


Develop site and bidding documents


Determine preliminary construction budget


Discuss tentative schedule, milestones and objectives

Proponent Selection

Complete construction walkthrough with prequalified contractors


Circulate request for proposal to prequalified contractors


Conduct a detail contractor quotation analysis summary 


Communicate advantages and disadvantages to clients 


Consummate selection process with a signed construction agreement

Project Monitoring

Produce project status reports based on site visits 


Price changes in work, discuss with client and negotiate with contractor


Process contractor invoices and issue payment certificates 


Prevent delays that client may initiate


Provide recommendations  to cut cost and expedite project

Project Close-out

Gather all operation and maintenance manuals


Generate list of rejected work and deficiencies


Grant holdback upon substantial completion and receipt of statutory declaration 


Guide discussion about lessons learnt and project successes